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  1. Hi Y’all,

    I placed an order this week for Truffles to be delivered to

    Karen Larsen
    2555 Schaller Dr East
    St Paul, MN 55119 – 5865

    She said that an unsuccessful attempt was made to deliver them yesterday. But she says that her mailbox is clear & she’s worried that y’all may be trying to deliver to the wrong address.

    Can you please check?

    Many thanks – Lucia Johnson –

  2. Are your Truffles ok for Keto Eaters? (similar to a Fat Bomb) If not, could you make some that would be? It would be great to match our current eating lifestyles!! Thanks so much for your answer!

  3. Hi I’m trying to place a order, and I don’t have PayPal. And it will not give me the option to pay with my credit card.

  4. We just placed an order on Dec. 10th. We need it delivered to our house in St. Paul by Dec. 15th otherwise we need to change the shipping address to Colorado. If you cannot deliver by Dec. 15th please let us know and we can change our shipping address.
    Nirmal and Sue

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